Art&Fact Innovation



Logotype – Collaborative work.

ART&FACT INNOVATION is a French company manufacturing structure to accommodate telecom services. The company offers integration solutions using the most advanced 3D construction technologies, and allows information and communication specialists to settle closer to users to improve the quality of urban services or reduce its cost.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent


Creation of the logotype for a real estate consultant.

This logotype is based on the idea of ​​a simple and elegant signature. The initials of the first name take the form of the representation of doors on the plans of habitation. They are open, which gives a sensation of accessibility.
The typography of the name is in a calligraphic style, to stick to the signature aspect. The baseline, finer and straight is in counterbalance of the previous, to fit with the company. The “e” leaning of this typography is a subtle reminder of the visuals of the doors.

[EN] Ho, Canada !

Hello everyone !

As the title indicates, I am officially in Canadian territory (and more specifically Quebec now) since the beginning of May. I was lucky enough to get my WHV – Work Holiday Visa – so this one gives me the opportunity to stay in the country for 2 years and work there.














I started this WHV in Toronto, for a week of discovery, full english please ! Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto Sign, High Park, city walk etc. This first week has been rich in beautiful experiences !

Then direction Quebec to finish the month of May. The city is all uphill, it’s calf ! A little over two weeks on site to enjoy the city and visit places. Then, it will be direction Montreal to seek to settle there, and find a job !

The adventure is just beginning !

Video – Antenne Zoo

Antenne Zoo

Vidéo – Framing and Editing

Antenne Zoo” is a new french youtube channel, dedicated to the knowledge of wild animals and biodiversity. As part of this trailer, I took care of framing and editing this video.

Card game

Positive thinking cards

Layout, illustration

Set of 30 cards of positive thoughts. The goal: every day, draw a card and let yourself be carried by the message that delivers, to help through the day. The fine lines, hands and flowers are there to gently illustrate every thoughts.

Wedding announcement


Layout, illustration

The wedding, what an event ! And for that, nothing better than an invitation adapted to the envy and personality of the future bride and groom. Here, the world of video games and precisely Mario has hit the mark. The date is noted, the invitations sent, long live to the bride and groom !

[EN] le Dé Caféine – BoardGame Cafe

In April 2019 will open in Talence – near Bordeaux – the playful coffee Le Dé Caféiné. “Le Dé Caféiné invites you to enjoy yourself in a comfortable and warm place, alone, with family or friends around various board games and to enjoy a drinks & snacks card to make the most of good mood.”

So I made the photographs of their website and posts of their social networks (links to come!). More photos here !

Strategies, collaborations, ambience, chance… in short, you will have lot of choice and everything you need to spend a good time around with a good drink.

To experience the most pleasant moment, find Le Dé Caféiné in April, in Talence !

[EN] Bordeaux Rock Festival

From 23th to 27th January 2019, was held in Bordeaux the fifteenth edition of the Bordeaux Rock Festival. On the program, the discovery of many independent Bordeaux’s rockbands in differents bars and larger scene of the city.

Doktor Avalanche – guitariste.
Youtube : Doktor Avalanche Official

With my camera, I had the opportunity to cover this festival for Longueur d’Ondes, a musical magazine specialising in the independant scene, accompanied by my colleague Anna to write the article.

For more photos, it’s here.

Find our report here ! (French only)

Milos Asian – batteur. Concert a l’Iboat.
instagram : @milos_asian //

[EN] Inktober 2018

Every year since 2009, the month of October is expected by the designers for the challenge of Inktober, created by Jake Parker. The goal ? An ink drawing every day, the whole month ! A list of themes is available so that everyone can follow it … or not ! This challenge is especially an opportunity to have fun, test a new technique etc.

I decided this year a special to create an Inktober special Persona 5, a video game located in Japan. Coming home from a trip to Japan and having finished the game shortly before October, it was a perfect way to complete the loop. My drawings are in dotwork mainly, with little more: the addition of color!

Today is October 28, more than 3 days of challenge!